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The Cultural Association “Cripto-Lab” (hereafter Association), was born as a place of coworking & networking about blockchain technology and its different applications.

For any matters not dealt with in this Internal Procedure, please refer to the Statute of the Association.

Association Activities

For every initiative deriving from the association’s activity, there will be a person in charge on duty, chosen from among the members of the Executive Board.

If no member of the Executive Board can be present, another person among the Members will be designated by the Executive Board, even for a continuous period.

The Manager monitors the progress of the initiative and decides on any dispute of any nature that may arise between the parties concerned.

Each Member has the opportunity to participate in any type of event organized or promoted by the Association and has the right to be informed, in due time, of the initiatives organized.

Some initiatives may provide for a membership fee to cover part or all of the expenses incurred. The person responsible for the initiative has to, subject to the approval of the Directive, establish such quota and the modalities of participation.

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Coworking Regultations

To access coworking during working hours you must pay the hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate.

The access to the co-working gives the member the right to the wi-fi connection, to the use of the photocopier, to the use of the refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, kettle for tea and everything else made available by the Association.

It is possible to obtain a PRO tariff, only for subscriptions of at least one month.

The PRO rate includes a personal workstation with a lockable locker. Meeting rooms are available 2 hours a week.

The association is not responsible for objects owned by members who are left in association, both unattended and in special lockers.

The association is not responsible for any injuries and/or damages of any kind suffered by members within the headquarters of the Association.

The associate has the duty to maintain an adequate behaviour in a working environment, avoiding in any way to cause discomfort to the rest of the associates.

Rights and duties of the member

The Member has the right to:

– participate in all the events promoted by the Association, in accordance with the procedures established by the person in charge of the individual initiative;

– propose to the Board projects or initiatives compatible with the Statute of the Association in order to be approved and eventually implemented;

– make use of the services and equipment of the association, within the time and in the manner established by the Directive;

The Member is directly responsible for any damage caused to things or persons inherent to the Association and to the premises where the initiatives promoted by the Association take place.

The registration fee for the Association is fixed by the Executive Board in the sum of 10 Euros. The Directive has the right to review annually the amount, if deemed necessary.

Disciplinaries measures

All shareholders are required to comply with the provisions of the Articles of Association and these Internal Regulations, in accordance with the resolutions passed by the relevant bodies.

In the case of misconduct, which causes disadvantage, damage or prejudice to the aims or assets of the association, the Board may and must intervene and apply the following sanctions: recall, warning and suspension.

Expulsion may be decided only by the Shareholders’ Meeting, called in ordinary or extraordinary session.

A Member may be expelled from the Association at any time.

The Board examines applications for membership and can also intervene at any time to review the position of an associate.

If it considers that the situation of the Member poses serious impediments to the pursuit of the purposes of the Association or that he has shown to be contrary to the purposes and spirit of the Association, acting in a harmful way towards the Association, or is completely incompatible with it, it expresses an unfavourable opinion on membership or proposes that the member be suspended or expelled from the Association.

Expelled Members are excluded from any social activity for an indefinite period.

External initiatives and subscriptions

Each Member is free to join other cultural or other associations.

That said, if through such initiatives, voluntarily, causes disadvantage, damage or prejudice to the Association, the Members guilty of this incorrect attitude may be suspended or excluded from the Association.

Membership Rescission

Each member can cancel their registration with the Association at any time.

The request for termination of the membership must be communicated in writing (registered letter with return receipt) to the President or to the Vice-President or by sending an e-mail (to the address: criptolabinfo@gmail.com with reading receipt).

In both cases, the reasons for the choice should be specified.

Assobiomedica Members who cancel their registration have no right to reimbursement of the amount paid, as well as no right to share in the company’s assets.

Web Platform

The Association uses the following IT tools to communicate with its members:

– Official website of the Cryptolab Association: https://www.criptolab.it/

– E-mail address of the association: criptolabinfo@gmail.com

The Directive is responsible for all media tools (internet, e-mail, etc..), owns access passwords, is administrator of such tools and moderates their content and discussions. This responsibility can be delegated by the Board to a member, even for a continuous period.


In general, the members of the Board of Directors are responsible for the management of the website, the management of external relations, the management of coworking and its activities, the management and custody of documentation and equipment and, in any case, everything related to the life of the Association.

You may be assisted by other Members in carrying out these tasks.

The regulation is approved by the Directive of the Association of Crypto-Lab and is valid from March 1, 2018

The member declares to have read and accepted the Association’s Internal Regulations.

To view the Statute